Karen Walsh, RFC®
Team Leader & Principal
Kaplan University
Certificate in Financial Planning ‘07
RFC® ‘09
Registered Financial ConsultantSM

My Why
We all know that life can get busy with all the things you enjoy doing, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to focus on your finances. I am here as a resource to you. You may need help understanding your statement, keeping up with your income payments, or have a question that requires some research. The fact is, no matter how big or small your need, I’m ready to do what I can to make your life easier and I’m excited to do it. I am very thankful that I found this area of expertise to be part of every day. I can see that people around us need guidance and it is so rewarding to witness a couple getting out of debt, or someone being told that it’s ok to retire. I find true joy in knowing our clients, speaking with them regularly and proactively looking for opportunities to serve.

Career History
My career began in 1995 in the operations division of Prudential Securities, as an Operations Assistant and was later promoted to Employee National Trainer with the Branch Liaison group. In 1999, I was recruited to the position of a Registered Client Service Associate and have been finding joy in helping others ever since (Prudential/Wachovia, Ryan Beck & Co. and Stifle Nicolaus). In 2009 I joined the Haines Financial team. As Brandon’s right hand, I handle all of his clients’ inquiries and requests, oversee the smooth functioning of our office and am responsible for the compliance supervision of our advisors.

Personal Info
My husband, John, and I relocated in 2008 from the New York/Tri-State area and are thrilled to be living in Wilmington. We love where we live and I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, sharing quality time with family and friends, and getting lost in a good book. My spiritual life is of high importance to me and I am a member of the Christ’s Church that meets in Leland. I am also a member of the Assistance League of Greater Wilmington and try to give back to the community as much as possible.
 Thank You for the Opportunity
Haines Financial, LLC
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Wilmington, NC 28403
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